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 Concert Programs





Triskela's repertoire can easily be tailored for many moods and occasions.  Traditional Celtic tunes, such as lively jigs and lovely airs, are complimented by three-part vocals, flute, pennywhistle, and bodhran (traditional Irish drum).  Beautiful Medieval, Renaissance, and Classical songs lend grace to weddings and spiritual events.  Upbeat world music creates a festival atmosphere anywhere.

Traditional and Modern Celtic Music
The Celtic music scene is hotter than ever and Triskela's heartfelt renditions of lyric ballads, haunting airs, and lively dance tunes strike a fresh note to this popular musical genre.

Sacred Music
Original and traditional spiritual music for sacred spaces, temples and special ceremonies.  Inspirational music to create a meditative atmosphere.

Contemporary Music for Harp and Voice
Triskela is helping to forge a path for the neo-Celtic harp in the international music scene.  Original works blend harp and three-part vocal harmonies that are inspired by folk and classical music traditions.

World Music
Triskela weaves down a musical Silk Road featuring unusual traditional folk music from African, Latin, Asian, and Middle Eastern idioms.

History of the Harp Lecture-Demonstration
A 30-60 minute program on the rich legacy of the harp introduces te many varieties of harps and harp traditions from the medieval period through modern music.  Hands-on workshops available.